Tuesday, March 31, 2009

coming soon...

i have soooo much to say about these past few months and hopefully tomorrow during the rainy day when we are TRAPPED inside...i'll find the time to talk about it....put in WALL-E and document my maternity leave....sounds good. hopefully the time will be found...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

more pictures of my lovlies

this is his favorite movie. wall-e. he has the "dolls" and reenacts the movie. it's hilarious. 
we watch it everyday...without guilt...TV is NOT the enemy...

for those of you who haven't experienced this phenomenon...this is max spinning at top speed on the zebra. i actually hid his in the basement because he won't play with his other toys when it's in the living room...he spins for long spans of time without consequence.

dr romberger, our fabulous pediatrician, said "wow look how advanced she is...she's five weeks old and THIS is a six week reflex" 
chris and i were so proud...

she always looks a bit surprised. this is her other pre-smile look...angst.

i love this picture very much...30 seconds later he pushed her off saying
"she's really heavy and fussy."
(neither of which are true)

"i see dead people"
there first trip down the slide together
one of her first smiles...on film that is...