Saturday, June 23, 2007

good news.

well, i mentioned before that i had interviewed at WPSD last week on thursday...on friday i was told that i would know on tuesday, well, we had plans to fly to LA on tuesday am at 645. my supervisor had told me that he would call me that afternoon when i landed...i made it through the weekend...on monday i found out that i got the job!!! i wasn't allowed to say anything until HR called me. well, yesterday they called. yay!! we are thinking about things and wondering if chris will stay home part time or if i can work out my schedule to stay home a bit as well...we don't know yet...

as i mentioned we are currently in LA. our dear friend tawnya is getting married this weekend...tomorrow to be exact and i am a bridesmaid. we arrived on tuesday and our precious little wellington has had quite an adventure everyday since. we have had sooooo many funny things happen...hilarious stuff... we got off the plane at LAX and he somehow found a large green pill. i found it in his hand and FREAKED OUT!!! we went to the ER and our vacation has been a rollercoaster ever since. chris and i have had amazing talks and wells saw the pacific ocean. he really loved running into the surf and begged to be held by whomever was further out in the ocean. today dave joined us and we have been laughing a lot since he got here. it's tough sometimes to be in a wedding when you only know the bride and no one else. i know a few bridesmaids but all of them know each other VERY VERY VERY here i am...if i didn't have this award winning personality, i would be so bored.... :)

speaking of chris, wow, i am sooooo glad i married him. he is such a man of integrity. he holds me to such high standards and i have grown to appreciate that so much. he is such a babe too. he is totally sunkissed and his eyes look AMAZING!!! whatta hunk!

alright, that's enough of my blog diary (lame!!) a student at the school i work at has this amazing tshirt that says "no one cares about your blog" . not true....thanks for being faithful readers....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

here she is....

what a great father's day! three grandbabies!!
this picture represents pure joy!! what a babe!!
sasha ____ sansone any ideas??
7 lbs 6 oz 19 in

the stats on the others....
nina jo sansone
7 lbs 19 in
maxwell zane bovard
8 lbs 3 oz 21 in

Friday, June 15, 2007


i forgot to mention that i passed my national certification exam. i am officially certified working towards my license. thanks to all of you who offered support and prayers...

new baby

chris and olya had their baby! tonite!! sascha was born afer FOUR hours of labor. her water broke at 5 pm and she was 10 cm at 915. she was in OUR arms by 945. and she has been nursing since 10 pm. wonderful news. we are so happy for her...

also, i find out about my job on tuesday. please pray that i can have patience through the weekend. it's tough and i'm not sure...

pictures to follow!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

loving cousins

max really thinks nina is the greatest thing on earth...he calls her "nnnnnah". when he sees her he shrieks with delight. occassionally she will hug him and put all her weight on him and ride him to the ground. he pushes her down and steps on her neck...sound familiar??

mr maxwellington

my favorite superhero
even though leah (in the middle) has freaky eyes...i love this picture. these are max's cousins. really they are chris' first cousins and max's first cousins once removed (is that right?)

Monday, June 4, 2007


i was looking around our little coffin apt tonite and thought "we would have nothing if it wasn't for all this baby stuff". my mom told me that i said i would never buy a cheapo umbrella stroller...well we have one now...and i love it. from a pack n play, crib, bassinet, to THREE strollers---endless toys both hand-me-downs and everything we all can't resist buying-it's never ending. i swore i wouldn't spoil him but i can't resist. we have so many balls too. each one serves a different purpose. so cute. i wish i had all this money back :)