Sunday, April 27, 2008


max stayed at my parent's house tonite...

i cried

i am not good at sharing him....

i'm it!!!

i've been tagged....

1. what was i doing ten years ago??
hmmm, i was 20....feels like forever ago....i was at geneva. junior year....i think that was my favorite year....what were we doing folks???

2. 5 things on my "to-do" list...
1. paperwork and billing
2. phone calls on misc bills
3. pick up maxy
4. make dinner for my brother and sis-in-law...finally back from russia
5. put away the clean clothes

3. snacks i enjoy
1. clif bars
2. pretzels
3. goldfish
4. fruit
5. fiber one bars

4. five things i'd do if i were a billionaire...
1. buy my dad's store and give it to someone so he could retire
2. pay off my school loans
3. huge tithe to church
4. donation to geneva's theatre dept
5. have 6 six kids

5.  my 5 bad habits....
1. nail biting...
2. puking out whatever pops into my head
3. snacking without paying attention
4. not making lists enough
5. hmmm, i guess being late....

6.  places i've lived.
1. johnstown, pa
2. beaver falls, pa
3. pittsburgh, pa
4. lawrenceville, pa (listed separately because it truly is a place of it's own.)
5. that's it....

7. five jobs i've had...
1. tony's subs (thanks dad for making my hours 7-10 every am in the summer....
2. barista at starbucks, waitress at eat-n-park
3. TSS --- so glad i woke up from that nightmare....
4. wife and mum
5. school counselor 

8. who's next????
1. carly
2. stacy
3. julie
4. jak
5. cyd

i never do this stuff....what a fun little walk down memory lane.....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

funny morning

i was getting ready for work this's our lazy morning....and wells says "i wanna watch thomas, mama, pleeease!" he was watching big, big world on pbs because that's what he does when i get in the shower....i said "no, thomas this morning, soon it's time for breakfast." he said and i quote

"aw man, i can't watch it. aw man!" 

i almost peed my pants. 

i love this age...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

MS bike ride

in june i am doing an 150 mile bike ride. it's for MS. I am fundraising for research funds. i need to raise 250 bucks. if you feel like making a donation please go here. MS RIDE
if not financial support, please pray...i'm gonna need it.

new blog

my sister bekah just started a blog...check it out. she's so cute. 

she called it ""


because max calls them that...

Monday, April 7, 2008

sick day

i'm home from work sick today. i have a horrible headache and i've been nauseated all day. i'm so tired  and it's so beautiful outside. ugh!!! please don't comment and ask if i'm pregnant...
because i'm not! i'm just virus-ridden....

daytime!! i'm watching what apparently is the today show...however, it's 230....


they just had these "antigravity performers" on the TV....if i'm not mistaken, i think that these wild guys were jumping on, what i'm sorry, appears to be those prosthetic legs that runners use. i had to choke back the laughter because it would only increase my head pain. then the new "fourth hour" host...kathie lee gifford, comes out with hoda (what?) on these prosthetic legs. kathie lee almost bites it and i'm was hilarious!! 

i am feeling a little better...maybe laughter IS the best medicine. 

disclaimer: that last statement seems to be a classic "mom blog" statement. 
the intent behind that was pure sarcasm. 

weekend fun

max is becoming more and more fun! we are able to do so many more activities with him now. he loves being outside so we try to spend a lot of time doing different things. we went on a bike ride on saturday and then a bonfire at my brother's house. he loved both. he conked out before the actual fire but he loved "raw" marshmallows. we had a great time. we were up too late but it was worth it. we napped and played outside on sunday. 

it's so amazing to have some nice weather and blue skies
on max's thumb there is a black dot. that is a ladybug. this rare moment was captured on film. he was flapping wildly to get the bug off of his hands. i don't know how we caught this picture. he looks soooo at peace with the bug on him...not quite the real story...
i cut his hair. the first time. i never was willing to do it because i am not good at it. well, that's not fair, i've never done it before. i just know how much i love my hair and i would hate someone to wreck it. especially if it's short. 
i don't have a healthy grasp of "it's just hair, it'll grow back!" 

ps...if you have an IKEA near your house...go for breakfast. it's cheap and great. we love it...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

april fools day

what a fun day. i pranked the 10th grade kids at wpsd. it was a blast. i flashed back to two years ago when i called my parents when max was 3 months old to tell them that i was pregnant again. my dad and i quote "oh my gosh, well, uh, i guess you'll be moving home." he said later that he thought he had a mini heart attack that night. it was so fun. i LIVE for that stuff....

i am the first to admit that i am a blog stalker. i LOVE looking at people's fun....last night for the first time, i was recently wowed by the simplest thing....COLOR!! look for more of it in my blogs...