Monday, April 13, 2009

maternity leave in review

my crazy golfer
dress up is his, fireman, etc...
he got this outfit for his birthday....he wore it EVERYDAY for one month
nina's hair
loving each other
valentine's day extravaganza

first bath together
stacy's getting married
my lovely girl
nina is desperate to play with talia

sasha is dying for her to move too...
those eyes...whatta babe
sweet nina
big brother little sister

baptism $23 looove it
yep...those are leg warmers...
"arggghhh. i'm a pirate and i'm going to bash captain hook"
see the huge bump on his left eye?? it was a sty but worse...yikes!!
the GOD SEND pacifier holder!
fishing in the backyard in his "boat"
laughing in the sun
super fun day at phipps with caleb and erin. max still talks about the
"lovely flowers"