Tuesday, June 30, 2009

sad days

we have had a rough week...last thursday chris' beloved grandmother fell in her home. she appeared fine but really went downhill quickly...her levels were all off and the drs wanted to do dialysis to get her kidneys back to normal...that time never came and she was reunited with her husband last thursday. the funeral was simple and at her request she was not mentioned at the funeral but the gospel was presented as God was truly the center of her life.

i am glad to have known her. and i'll miss her for the rest of my life.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

summer 09

although it need not be said, 
only because everyone knows...
that pittsburgh
(along with being the most livable city -for the second year in a row)
is the 
steelers and penguins!!!
max took this picture...he got her to smile, which is pretty easy, and snapped the shot...
shane and karrie came to visit!!!
ben 2, elliot 5 months, max 3, talia, 5.5 months, ella 3, lucy 1.5
we had a super fun day with all these babies running around
good friends...perhaps soulmates?? we'll see, no pressure!!
i sewed this cover for this rocking chair...i'm very proud of myself...
talia's favorite activity...swinging...
max's favorite activity
playing duck, duck, goose with his soccer team

my baby is growing up...she started sitting up about two weeks ago...
no consistent rolling over yet...but we're getting there...

this am. talia and i were laying in my bed. i was stretching my legs....she copied what i was doing and pulled her leg up...hilarious...