Saturday, January 23, 2010

christmas in review --there is another new one below

i hope they always adore each other the way they do now.

i'd definitely take 2 of her.
my mom bought them these "guido" outfits...they
actual shine in the light.
LOVE this picture...he's hard core.
we went sledding at night and she had like 14 layers on.
she didn't make a peep. she had a great time.
we were at a friend's grandparent's house,
perfect hill.
we went in for hot chocolate and
the grandma said to max "make yourself at home"
he started jumping on their couch.
i glared at him and he sat down, muttering,
"i do that at home. what the heck?"
happy birthday jesus cake
IMPOSSIBLE to get them all to look--forget smiling...
just 8 eyes on the camera would be a success
never in the history of time has a one year old child been
so grateful for
a gift. we didn't buy her anything and my parent's
bought her a
playhouse for the yard. when she got her first gift,
she held it and stared at it
for soooo long. she just looked grateful for
someone thinking of her...hilarious
my family
max's school production...HUUUUGE meltdown before the show.
we bribed him
with an early christmas gift and he promised to "sing his heart out".
the girl in front of him
was a wild gesturer and he was overwhelmed by her.
as he came down to his seat,
he said
"that wasn't so bad"
we said, "here's your nerf gun!"
last but definitely not least, this is max on the
polar express
we went with friends/neighbors to ohio to ride a train
intended to look like the polar express.
a bit overpriced....
i was looking out the window
at the "north pole" thinking
"wow, this looks a lot like blawnox"
when he looked up at me and said
"i'm really glad we came here. i'm having so much fun."
it was fun...
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oh blog, it's been waaaay too long...

i remember when life was simple, pre-talia, i could blog while max played or after i put him to sleep at night. now that we have miss T, life has dramatically changed. (for the better, that goes without saying, but i will).

as most of you know, we have not been hurting for snow at all in pittsburgh. we have seen a lot of accumulation's been lovely. i am a sun worshipper and despise being cold, wet, snowy and i now know that i felt that way because of how quickly snow melted here. grey days with dirty snow are the winters that i remember. this year, it rarely stopped snowing for days and seeing the windy, tree filled roads that we live near covered with snow was gorgeous. it's all gone now and i'm not upset at was GORGEOUS!! it was warm and sunny--we needed LIGHT hats and warming my butt...glaciers formed and are still around on the three rivers...

a sunny day after the snow finally slowed down
our home
my boys are camping out tonite...watching "star wars, the clone wars"
as of right now, 11:21, he is still awake...ugh.

max is like me...LOVES sledding and playing in the snow for a SHORT while
he said and i quote...
"mama, i can't WAIT to swim!"
talia loved the snow and played outside for over an hour. she stands at the door and begs to go out...she doesn't mind rain, snow, sleet, or hail---perhaps she'll be a mail-woman.
"i'm the pittsburgh jedi"
that's what he says...