Wednesday, September 30, 2009

proud mama

my corner office
*i wish i had better pics. it's a great place to work*
"mom dad
talia xam"
 this blog is VERY braggy...from a proud mama
a few months ago, around when talia was born, max started becoming obsessed with writing letters. then his name. he loves phonics too. he gets frustrated with "c's" that say "kuh" and other things like that but he loves to write and asks me to spell things all the time. i phonetically sounded out "happy birthday" and he wrote it all, the "th" needed some help but it was incredible. we never even practiced writing his letters. we have magnets and toys, blocks and stuffed letters. he just one day decided to's amazing to see him become BIG! i thought i would show a sample of his writing as well as a picture of my office at work...he loves to play there and as one of our interns commented, "what kid wouldn't want to". since i'm working on my play therapy certification, i have all sorts of great toys, a sandbox, mirrors, books, chalkboard, and loooots of craft stuff....he always wants to come to work with me. he would love it there and of course, they would love him....