Saturday, July 28, 2007

sasha's sip and see

the ladies of the church had a "sip and see" for sasha this week. it was a lot of fun. olya got some great gifts as well as some terrific advice. we "sipped" coffee and the ladies of the church got to "see" sasha for the first time. she looks so much like olya.

sasha...with bright eyes

the three cousins...

sasha is actually under nina
this wrestling is CONSTANT!!

july in review

one of many trips to the zoo. we are in the under the polar bears exhibit. it's kinda like a whale watch. you look and look and never see anything...
bek and i are jealous because our kids prefer my sister-in-law erin.

a fun day at the center for creative play. this is the big swing for mama and baby. so fun! max had a great time playing with all the new toys.

he really enjoyed that swing...
he's fed up with the silverware battle

Friday, July 6, 2007

that was then....this is now

happy birthday to me....

well, i turned 30 today. my dear husband threw a small surprise birthday for me on the forth of was great!! it was a wonderful time...the day was overcast but we had a great time. we swam all day and had a BBQ. it was are some pictures of my farewell party for my 20's.

carly made me this cake. chris has nicknamed me "barrel" because i barrel over people in my attempts to be "efficient". so all these fine folks have picked up on it and now harass me with this atrocious nickname. it's all good.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

california wedding

tawnya's wedding was lovely and we had an amazing vacation. the weather was soo beautiful. not a cloud in the sky all week...well except for the mornings when they had "june gloom". tawnya's house was so cool and the beach was amazing. here are some pictures of her big day...