Sunday, October 14, 2007

a new member of the family

we all attended a wedding last weekend in johnstown. my awesome parents thought that it would be fun to stay in the hotel that all of our out of town family was staying in. so we had a really fun time. we didn't drink a lot but we didn't have to worry about driving home tired. we didn't even have to go outside to get to our room!! it was really nice. max however, was SICK!! i carried him around for 3 days. he didn't want anyone else. endearing but exhausting. we had gone to the doctors the day before and he told us that max sounded like he could be developing pneumonia. we were supposed to watch him and see if he improved. he did!! he would get better every time we gave him tylenol. he was not up to dancing but boy nina sure was. the first non-kenny g song that came on and she hit the floor running. i have to upload the video because it was hilarious. unfortunately i don't have any pictures of my cousin amanda who got married. so wierd. i don't know why....:)

all my cousin's children...and nina

dancing queen

this is my nene's boyfriend. seven years after my uncle joe died she rekindled her highschool flame with this really nice guy. it's weird for us but it's great for her....she's really happy.

the great race...

you can barely see it but his cheeks read "922" and "923" depicting their numbers.

this is really dark but it's a cute picture...
at the right of the screen is a time clock. to the immediate left is chris. his dad is being blocked by another runner. he's wearing grey shorts, a black shirt, and a white t-shirt sleeve on his head.

maxi and i rose early last week to go and see dada and bop bop run in a 10k. they did great finishing in 46:08. we were sooo proud!! max yelled "dada" for a long time. the people around probably thought "does this kid even know who his dad is?" incidently max has been talking sooo much lately. if you ask him "where's daddy?" he says "wook" (work). if you say he's not working. where is he? he says "a run". so he fully understands dada's two most likely places. so cute.

october in review

"hey, nice beard"

here are some fun pictures of the month so far. the earlier part of the month was spent complaining about the "inconvienent truth" of a horrible heat wave. now we are freezing our tookus' off. it's not so much that it's cold but the sharp contrast makes it feel like we're living on an iceberg. we've been bundled up in sweats and have broken out the throw blankets.