Wednesday, August 22, 2007

back to work

well, it was exciting to be hired in a position that i've been trained to fill. i knew that i would miss max but i didn't realize how much. i've been crying when i drive to work! he's been great. his aunt erin plays with him all day and when i come home, he's in a great mood and thrilled to see his "MA!" max wasn't saying much for a looong time. he was silent until about a month ago. he really didn't even babble that much until after he was a year. (you can imagine my anxiety). well everyone and their brother said that he would talk when he was ready. when we were on vacation, he just started talking. he calls "Ma! Ma!" until he finds me and "Da!" He says "bye", "pabba" (peanut butter), and lots more, those are just my favorite.

he's also still signing a lot. he is really depending on the sign to clear up his babbling. i love seeing him use his little hands to get his message across.

what an incredible priveledge it is to be his MA!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

myrtle beach with bovards

that's me riding the waves in the middle, uncle bob to the left
and aunt erin holding maxwellington
mr wellington loving the beach
typically max naps for 2 hrs exactly and 12 hrs a night.
at the beach he napped for 3 hrs in the am and 45 min in the
afternoon and 12 hrs at night.
that ocean wipes you out!
high tide caused tears but low tide was so fun. digging,
sand, shells, crabs, kites, pools of water...

Monday, August 6, 2007

shower weekend

left to right...emily, nina, anna (holding both babies), sasha, allison,
sir wellington, and jade holding lexi
my cousin amanda is getting married in october. her shower was this past weekend in johnstown. this is the first time all of my cousins have been together since a funeral 10 years ago. jade was the only member of the "next generation" and now we have a ton of kids in the family. it was so dang cute. max hates organized pictures so he WIGGED OUT. the only boy in the family and the only crier in the picture...

also here is the picture we gave to my parents for their anniversary...
really cute...but sooo many tears were shed, by all three

Thursday, August 2, 2007

tawnya's wedding...

some pictures from tawnya's wedding...i stole them from the website!!